Sizing Guide


Have you experienced that your regular size dress in one store could fit very differently from the same size dress found at another? There is no universal size guide line in the clothing industry and every manufacturer do not use the same sizing standard. So, the sizes are vary by country, manufacturer, etc. 

Our goal is to help you finding the correct size. We highly recommend our guests to review our Sizing Guide before hit the CHECK OUT button.

  1. Most of our clothing measurements are based on US size. We include the size charts in all individual listings for apparel items. 
  2. Some of our apparel items are Asian sizes. Generally, Asian clothing fits smaller than American clothing, which is about 2-3 sizes smaller than US/EU size. Please refer to the size chart in the item description. 
  3. Since our manufacturers take manual measurements, please allow 1-3 cm error (1 cm = 0.39 inch) when you measure the size. 

How to Measure

We recommend use of a fabric or cloth measuring tape when determining your body measurements. You can usually find it at discount or craft and hobby stores. If you do not have one, use a piece of yarn or string and measure it up against a ruler.


For t-shirts (especially for made in US), we mention the width and length/ height in the size chart. In those cases, you will simply have to take your measurements as follow. 

In cases where it mentions the chest/ bust or width, you have to take measurements around your chest as follow. Allow a few centimeters for the correct fit unless you like to wear tight. 


Tank Tops

Most of our tank tops are US sizes. We include the width and length/height in the size chart.



Women Blouse/ Tops

 Women Dress

Hoodies/ Sweatshirts


Compare Sizes

Once you’ve obtained the measurements, you need to match with sizing chart in the product description to be 100% sure. 

Tip: Have your measurements written down and keep with you (probably in your wallet or hand bag) so you don't have to measure all the time.  

Our Size Charts for US made T-shirts

If the item description mentions "printed and shipped from the US," the size charts would be as follow (please see the individual item description). 

Men's T-shirts 

Women T-shirts

Women Tank Tops

If you are unsure or just want some guidance regarding garment sizes, contact us at